Sunday, 21 October 2018

Turkish Delight

I’m one of those people that go in to the travel agents ask what deals they have stating I don’t really care about where. They make a few suggestions and I screw up my face as I really don’t want to go to   various places they suggest for various reasons......Turkey was on that list of my hidden agenda of no go or not my cup of tea.

The lead up to going was pretty stressful and I found myself packing and booking travel insurance around 9.00pm the night before our early morning flight from Newcastle Airport. Questioning under the circumstances should I even be going but I knew we all so needed this holiday.

We arrived mid afternoon I had no preconceived ideas, well that’s not entirely true, my expectations weren’t great but I needed to have an open mind. The girls in the travel agents rave about the place and couldn’t understand my reluctance, I was missing a trick. The hotel seemed massive and I need to weigh up my surroundings get my bearings and suss out danger areas regarding the kids, if not I’d be like a meerkat all holiday. The weather was lovely, pool cold and beach 5 minutes away. There was a spa where you could get a Turkish massage and I decided to book myself in early evening. My guy to give me the scrub and massage was called Ghengis he looked about 15, he led me to a marble slab table and scrubbed, foamed and threw water over me, the massage part seemed to get a bit closer to my “Mary” than I felt entirely comfortable with and as my brain goes into overdrive I also had a “Killing Eve” thought going off in my head.

The hotel was predominantly full of Germans, reading The Tattoist of Auschwitz was probably not the best poolside book to have. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the all inclusive dining experience it reminds me of going to a Cosmos eatery and stresses me out, the not sitting at the table at the same time as your family, they are too busy wandering about, the choice mashes my head and if only all the waste went to some good.

One of the main challenges was keeping an eye on the teenagers, two teenage girls with Turkish waiters checking out the wilderbeest along with the horror of shite WiFi, the bartering in the market which they found hard to wrap their head around, old bird had to step in. One of the personal challenges I had was as it has been on my bucket list and to totally challenge my fear of heights I decided over the holiday I would paraglide, jeez I was shitting myself and again imagination going into overdrive wondered which height I would die and what poor unexpected swimmer below would be taken out too. It was both exhilarating and petrifying we went so high, the go pro I realised was videoing us, the language from me was choice, A the 11 year old was the calming influence.

We escaped the confines a couple of times, Side was lovely and the food we had out of the hotel was fantastic, it was lovely to see a bit of the country we were in.

Turkey you were a delight.

Sha x

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