Saturday, 30 May 2015


Jeez I feel like the new kid on the block, I have'nt written a post in so long.

I have missed writing very much. I didn't  realise but it has been a document of my life and the girls growing up. So much has obviously happened in the last two years since I wrote.

We have hit teens with T and there is a lot of grunting and " you have ruined my life " conversations but on the whole we are doing ok. My teens come flooding back...even though that was an age ago but there are similarities. The thing we didn't have was social media... And don't get me started on face ache and snap chat. That she downs a whole bottle of juice and demolishes a packet of biscuits, borrows my stuff and pinches my make up...I get that . Pick you battles is my motto.

A did her First Holy Communion a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely day and so many family and friends came to support that. Her dress was covered in chocalate very soon after, but heyho.

Mam doing good after a nasty fall and a trip to a&e it's carnage in there!

And me just plodding along. I made a resolution early in the year in light of things that happened to meet friends, and it's kind of happening, we have to make TIME.

Started back at boot camp I need that to make me feel better.

Sha x

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