Friday, 14 July 2017

Favourite Places

I have lots of places that I consider favourite places, places where I feel at home, places where I feel a connection.

I've been very lucky in my life to travel, it's something I love, new food, cultures, new people.

Thailand, amazing people, the land of smiles, and it is, my take on the Thai people is they have a very similar sense of humour, sacarsm with a great dose of humour, I can relate. The food is fabulous and an amazing country to visit.

Portugal I have been to so many times. The love affair was born from it not being a long flight when the girls were little and flying from Doncaster is a dream. The beaches are amazing and so diverse, there is something for everyone.

Greek Islands, oh how I love the Greek islands, we've been to many. My current favourite place is a villa high in the mountains up from a village Toukalades in Lefkas. I love the food, tranquility and stunning scenery. Give me a Greek salad, yoghurt and local honey and I'm happy. It will be our third time we have been come August.

New York, just wow it's such a vibrant amazing place and seems so familiar from everything seen on telly.

Ireland, I just love anywhere I've been here, whether it be Northern Ireland or in the South. It weirdly feels like home.

In England I have fond memories of Northumberland, Birmingham, the Mailbox area is fab,all cafe bars on the canal, Liverpool, my husbands birth place. Newcastle, great night out, Leeds, my home city. Oxfordshire I've come to like very much.

I absolutely love going to the Lake District, the scenery is stunning.

Spain holds many memories of my teens when my dad was here, many very fond memories.

My favourite place here is sat out in an area my OH has created, it has a gazebo with a fire pit and seating. All the plants are smelly, jasmine, night scented stocks and nicotiana, and twinkling lights. I get so much pleasure sitting out here.

Our favourite places can be many and very diverse, but home is usually the favourite.

Sha X

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