Friday, 23 June 2017

The Lead Up

We are just shy of a week away from Ts prom, all the appointments for hair, nails, spray tan and make up have been made. The dress needed alterations and we still have shoes to get, along with some bling jewellery. So far so good, however prior to getting the chosen dress I had made an appointment with a local supplier of all things prom, wedding, mother of the bride provider. I made an appointment and was texted with confirmation for a month later way back in April. Someone else mentioned another place to try and we went to have a look one Saturday morning. Funny thing is the dresses that look stunning on the hanger can look crap on and the ones that would be potentially dismissed look stunning on. We found THE dress.

I was texted a reminder of our appointment at the other place, it went like this
Good Afternoon Sharon
Just confirming your appointment with us at 4.30pm on Thursday 27th April

My reply
Hi A thank you for the reminder however can I cancel our appointment, my apologies Kind Regards Sharon

The reply
No problem Sharon thanks for letting me know albeit with only 24 hours notice.
Since you hadn't replied to my earlier text of the 5th April I thought it best to check- just as well I think as we really value every appointment and usually enjoy the same courtesy in return from our clients.
Regards A

A proper fucked me off!

My reply
Dear A
My apologies for not responding to your text on the 5th April, I am of a certain age and at times I think I have responded to a text when in actual fact I haven't, this isn't due to being discourteous, that really isn't in my nature, it maybe at times due to working full time, bringing up my two grandchildren, or the dog may have escaped again! I may have got distracted consequently not replied to texts. I take it on my chins that I have been truly admonished. Kind Regrds Sharon.

A didn't reply.

I can't wait to see T in her prom outfit, it's a rite of passage that they all have now. How far we have come.

Sha x

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