Friday, 29 June 2012

Rear Window

Now I'm not wheel chair bound and nor do I believe I have witnessed any murders, I am though as I have said in other posts a compulsive people watcher nosey bastard, so obviously I like to keep an eye on my neighbours (I'm good like that).

We live in not quite a cul de sac but if you slow down near my house you are going to one of the houses nearby. It is a quiet street and I am often like a Meerkat looking out of the front window. We have four gardens backing on to my garden and three houses facing me, to the right is a huge field that is used for dog walking and a cut through to the main road.

The neighbour that backs on to my back garden is a young mum of two, we borrow sugar and cigs and stuff, on occasion she will mind my kids or I will mind hers for an hour. Her car is parked outside her garage at the  side of mine, we mainly meet on a morning packing the kids in for the school run. On occasions I will receive a text, can I go round to hers, I will often ask is this a bottle of wine job, which it usually is as I am the old sage who she will cry to when she has fell out with her boyfriend, thankfully for her this is less frequent at the moment. She's a nice kid, I say that because she is the same age as my daughter.

The couple that moved in to the house to side of my garden I call the "Garden people" even a chink of sun and they are out there. A young couple with no kids they like to socialise in there garden, a lot. They never speak to me, the young man obsessive about everything being neat and tidy. I am a little concerned about them at the moment I haven't seen any washing out for weeks, the grass is well over due a cut, very unusual. Hubby has seen his car come and go so they aren't on holiday.

Next to them is another young couple with three young boys. There is always loads of washing on the line and lots of kids paraphernalia in the garden and rabbits. I often exchange conversations with the little one through the fence and equally as often return footballs. The mum amazes me as I never hear her shouting at the kids...ever. Her bloke is great for rounding my dog up when she has decided to do a Steve McQueen.

The lady next door to that I don't see that much at all. She was married with two young boys, the marriage has ended and the young boys are now young men. At times she will hand me 40% discount vouchers for Peacocks which are welcome. I once overheard her boyfriend asking who she was talking to she said, her at the bottom of the garden, I felt like a gnome.

Opposite they have just had new brown fascia and soffets done, I'm not sure. The other house opposite is a divorced dad who has his kids alternate weekends. One of the boys who is A's age calls for her when he's here.

My greatest joy to watch though is the lady directly opposite me. She has lived there alone for nearly ten years, she is very attractive and a lovely person. I noticed a car parked on her drive a few months ago, it was in my mind a man's car, it was a butch car. My Meerkat skills on high alert, eventually I got to see HIM. I am so chuffed for her. I have often looked over and envied her solitude, her independence, her peace, her ability to come and go as she pleases but I am really pleased she has someone in her life, she is too nice to live a solitary one.

Now and then I am very neighbourly, the chap around the corner, his wife has alzheimer's and occasionally she escapes, my Meerkat goes in to over drive to alert him so she comes to no harm.

Do tell me I'm not alone in my neighbourliness.

Sha X


Lesley Beeton said...

Sounds like the perfect street for indulging your people watching ;-)

We have a similar assortment of old chaps, children, goths and pets - all good fun and great neighbours x.

Sha said...

I think I am glad I don't live next door to me! xx

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