Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pink Jobs & Blue Jobs

This weekend hubby has booked a long weekend which I am pleased about as he normally only has Saturday off, just a day to cram in those jobs to be done, the blue jobs as I call them. In our house we have definite pink and blue jobs at times they can be purple such as cooking which can be done by either of us.

On the whole most of the jobs in our house are pink. Hubby when he thinks he's being helpful will say "I have done the washing for you" mmm thanks for that but why I was stupid enough to separate the clothes in to three different piles, you know whites, darks and coloureds as clearly there is no need, you just bung them all in together. Recycling is a pink job, putting the bins out a blue one.

The make overs of the bedrooms, wall filling, sanding and painting is a blue job, the picking carpet organising for it to be fitted a pink one. After waiting nearly a year for kitchen to be finished I am quite impressed at the speed of him getting stuck in and so far completing T's room, just the finishing touches to be done, a pink job. He is really on a mission and is now on with A's. We ordered her new Stompa bed on Thursday and hubby is way more excited about it than A is. They went off earlier to pick the paint for her room as this is A who loves all things girlie she has chosen pink. Me and hubby currently in the middle of having a "domestic" as I have a habit of moving things which drive my husband and son mad. See the thing is I forget where I have moved them these unaesthetic looking things that are apparently crucial for the job in hand.

In other news A at the moment is really making me laugh. I remember as a child always wanting to break my right arm, imagining loads of signatures on my pot, so I kind of get where she is coming from. Two kids at school have had a break, one an arm another a ankle, also the little girl next door is on crutches. This must have appealed to A in some way as after hurting her ankle in the week she has borrowed Wan Wan's walking sticks, put twelve socks on one foot and insists where ever we go she needs the sticks. Looking out in the street it's like a Dickensian scene from Scrooge.

I'm off to do a purple job, the food shop, hubby prefers to do this as he moans I spend too much and we then have the "what's for tea"? conversation, but that is a whole other post. I will leave him to his blue jobs and searching for whatever it is I have moved.

Tiny Tim can come with me.

Sha X


Lesley Beeton said...

There never seems to be enough time to do any/all of the jobs! I have decided that the best way to get things done is to get a man in!

Thankfully, Mr B doesn't object ;-)

Sha said...

Unless the man you get in is called Christian Grey! ;) xxx

Lesley Beeton said...

He he - Mr B has no idea who Mr Grey is :-)

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