Thursday, 26 July 2012

Admiration & Awe

Today is a special day for two mum's of the most special children, days that although their hearts must be breaking make my heart fill with pride seeing the courage, strength and sheer force of their love driving them on to get through another day without their beloved son's.

Today is Jack Marshalls 7th birthday, the first birthday his family are celebrating, yes celebrating, with out him, letting off balloons, some red ones of course. To see those wonderful eyes and beautiful smile you couldn't not be Jacked  and consequently there is a whole bunch of people that were and have become part of #JacksArmy, people who want help to continue to raise awareness for Jacks Fund.

In London today Harry Moseley's mum carried the Olympic Torch in memory of Harry, continuing his work for HHHO. For both mums today must be so difficult. The dignity shown by the parents and siblings of both these boys is as inspiring as they both were in their short lives. These families seem in some way Herculean to me the lengths they go to to continue striving so others families should never have to experience the pain they have. And yet they are not, they are so very human, warm, caring, devoted, loving and funny with a dynamism that shines.

Seeing today how these boys families have marked each occasion has me in awe, my admiration immense.

Both boys were as I said very special they could not have been anything but as so are their families.

"In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?" Ivor Stravins

Sha X

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