Monday, 30 July 2012

Day Out En Famille

Arriving at the coast yesterday and surveying the sight before me my conclusion is we Brits are just a little bit barking. Hubby had decided to take the girls to the seaside and as my cousin is having a week away in Bridlington with her family we arranged to meet up. Hubby had also decided to bring the dog with us as we haven't taken her to the beach before.

Trying to find somewhere to park was proving difficult, the girls and dog impatient to get of the car so we were dropped off whilst he found a space. I called my cousin and we met on the beach. It had rained all the way there, thankfully a break in the clouds we set our stalls out. It does make me laugh how people sit on the beach in all weathers, windbreakers, kids in cossies, then out come the umbrellas and kagools. Personally I like to go to the beach either in the winter dressed accordingly or somewhere in a hot climate, this carting clothing for every kind of weather in the space of an hour is not for me it has to be one or the other.

On this particular beach there are designated areas for dogs to go which I totally agree with however T being T went on to the wrong part with the dog who promptly did a dump, I was mortified plus the prospect of a thousand pound fine didn't appeal. We meandered to the dog area passing these gorgeous little beach huts which housed lots of smug families, I did wonder who you would have to give a BJ to secure one. It seemed hubby had parked in the next seaside resort as he arrived over an hour later with the bag. On checking the bag T's cossie was missing, he had left in the car so decided to go back to get it taking T and the dog which was just as well, the excitement of being at the beach for the first time meant she had dragged me across the sand yanked away from me and was running amok in the sea, a lady commenting "She's a bit excitable isn't she".

Two hours later hubby showed up and I asked if he had eaten or had a cup of tea, no not at all was his reply.  T happened to mention the fish Grandad had wasn't very good and she had given half of her hotdog to the dog. A domestic ensued right there on the beach. By this time it was about time to wrap up to go home, we trudged god knows how far back to the car, stopping for a cup of tea and an ice cream en route. Then a seagull shit on T.

And that was our family day out.

Sha X


Lesley Beeton said...

That good, hey? I'm not good on expeditions either x.

Sha said...

Fabulous day ;) x

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