Friday, 30 November 2012

You Get Less for Murder Mate

Yesterday was our anniversary,we have been married twenty six years. We met in a pub, The Cricketers in 1983 so have been together twenty nine years. That's a long bloody time! I think I have said before both of us would never have thought it.

One of the benefits of working full-time unexpectedly was a full-time wage and yesterday was pay day. We were supposed to be having our works do last night, it has been moved to the 7th for some reason. I decided I would take my hubby out for a meal, my treat for our anniversary. Booked my niece to babysit and  being a bit selfish the options to eat out were, the steak house or Thai. I knew hubby would want Thai but I am having a girly night out tomorrow at the Thai restaurant so persuaded him to opt for the other choice.

Niece arrived at 7.00 we were booked in for 7.30. I also persuaded hubby to get the bus, he doesn't do buses, my reasoning it stopped directly opposite the restaurant and we could get a taxi back. The food was extremely good. My hubby's starter of scallops were cooked to perfection, simple food extremely well presented and cooked. The nicest thing was it was a time to connect, actually engage in conversation, most of our conversations of late are instructions on what the girls are doing or where they need collecting from. Lovely food, nice wine and a proper conversation about what was going on with us was very refreshing and long overdue.

After dinner we headed for a nightcap at the hotel where we went after we got married. It all looks a little shabby now, probably a like little us. What intrigued me was everyone in the bar were glued to their mobiles. Three young lads opposite us, one was on his mobile, the other was playing a game on his, the other was texting, none of them were talking to one another. A couple both engrossed in their mobiles, not a word exchanged.

The boys had bought a jug of something green, I was curious. On leaving I asked what the drink was and why they were out together when not one of them had spoken to the other. They offered me a drink of the green stuff, the lad that had been talking on his mobile had a speech impediment and blinky eyes, he said it was his 21st and they had no idea what they had ordered it was a jelly bean drink with what tasted to me like malibu. It wasn't too bad. They asked why we were out, echoing in my ear directed at my hubby on our way out was "You get less for murder mate".

Hubby said when we came out the lad with the blinky eyes had said "She's fit" Game boy said she's old, blinky said "Yes but she's fit". Bless.

Sha X

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Lesley Beeton said...

I was just coming back to comment on this post, when I saw you had written a new post. Gosh, what a way to end such a good week. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary - we do put our partners through a lot - and so pleased that all is OK health-wise xx.

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