Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Supper Club

A tweet tonight brought back vivid memories of a really memorable night out. It was my friends 40th and we had decided to go to Amsterdam. I had never been before and was a little apprehensive. There was my friend and her boyfriend, my hubby and I, another couple joining us from Kuwait. It was February so as we flew in to Schiphol airport it was cold but quite spring like. The train from the airport very organised, before we knew it we were in Dam Square which was where our hotel was.

I've said before I'm a bit of a nerd I read everything! Prior to going I had read that if your birthday was that week with proof you could go in to the Van Gogh museum for free. In the hotel I also read about a place called the Supper Club. The description of this place I just knew my mate would love it so I sent her bloke and my hubby out to book a table. My friend and I were off to the Magna Plaza shopping centre. Here I spotted an amazing necklace and bracelet set I just knew she would love. I bought the bracelet and gave boyfriend the heads up on the necklace. I also remember the amazing baby shop called Bam Bam which is what T called her dummy, I just had to get a Bam Bam dummy.

The food was great and breakfast omelette's were just the biz, I can't remember the name of the restaurant. The whole experience was filled with fun and laughter. The Red Light area obviously we had to do.

The highlight for me was The Supper Club, we went to a little side door, escorted in to a seedy looking bar area, the toilets were unisex with portholes, omg what had we signed up for. We were then escorted to our table only it wasn't. Picture a white room with long bunk beds the length of the room, a bottom bunk and a top bunk. We had cushions and laid down, there was no menu, we ate what was provided. It was a five course meal and in between there was a floor show of varying entertainers. It was amazing, the people watching a joy, some smoking joints, gay, straight the whole gamut of humankind and I was like a meerkat loving every minute.

Of nights out and experiences this was up there as a special. If you are ever in Amsterdam it is a must. We got in to the museum for free. And the experience of seeing a lady in the hotel sauna scarred me for life. It was very clear I was English being the only one sat in a cosi. This lady had some "welcome mat" going on Attenborough could have done a whole programme down there.

Thank's for bringing back the memory fellow twitterer @MummyBarrow. Here is her memory of the Supper Club.

Sha X


Lesley Beeton said...

What an experience! Amsterdam does provide a kick to the senses :-)

Sha said...

I was surprised in liking it xxx

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