Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Shift & A Slide with a bit of Merengue

We have had a few changes in the household since bank holiday. Hubby started back at work thank the lord, I really thought he was ready for topping himself, he works so he is if you get my drift. Anyways that made me have to have a whole rethink on my working day. Since January I have mostly worked full time, this doesn't work financially or emotionally if hubby isn't at home. I said to my boss I would work each day providing I start at 10am, he is happy with that and it works for me. 

Given the fact he is back at work we have looked at holidays for this year, after much brow beating  soft soap we have booked a holiday to one of my favourite places ever, I love it here, we are going to Portugal in September *does a happy dance* .

On Saturday my sis in law and I went to a Peruvian ladies house for a party, long and quirky story how we met, but it felt it was meant to be. As the majority were Spanish speaking I drank my coffee happy that my sis in law was having a good time, the music was good, the food was excellent and they love to dance. In walked this specimen that looked like he had been sculpted, styled within an inch of his life, he was from the Dominican Republic, I never knew their native tongue was Spanish, anyhow his job at home was a dancer, and boy could this kid dance. We had a dance together and my face was a bit like the girl in the advert where Bruce Willis wants more broadband.

Happily the shift in this house is very positive, we slide in to another chapter and forever we shall merengue.

Sha x

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Sha Egan said...

Have twitpicced the dancing Lesley xx

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