Monday, 29 July 2013

Relax, Breathe & Reconnect

All packed, I just needed to nip to the supermarket to get provisions for breakfast the next morning and collect my sister in law who is going to look after the girls at home whilst we are away. Having decided on the point of least resistance it was better to let hubby watch the race and then set off for our secret trip, we were in no rush, I had booked us in for a meal at the local pub for 8 o clock.

We argued before we got in the car. Driving up the A1 the weather reflected my mood, dark,gloomy and grey. The intermittent showers like my silent tears, my mind trying to process the news I had been told last night. Having shared this news with my hubby this morning, he asked how I felt about it, his question was left unanswered, I can't go there in my head just yet and will deal with it as I should when the time comes. Hardly two words were said on the three hour drive, we had no connection at all. I knew there would be, it would be ok.

Arriving literally in the middle of nowhere, the vibes off my hubby weren't good. We had arrived at a little cottage in the Lake District, the living area upstairs with a balcony, log fire if the weather did as promised, the four poster bed downstairs. A babbling brook and woods surrounded us, the use of a hot-tub in a peaceful location. His reaction left me feeling deflated.

He said he felt like Jason Bourne being taken off the grid. After doing a bit of a reccy of the area we weren't actually a million miles from civilisation, he checked his location on his phone to get his bearings. I thought I was just doing something nice booking us a few days away, just us, the control bit of him as in just being male, felt out of sorts. As a big control freak myself, much more than he is, I got that.

We went out for dinner, chatted to others having a break and the locals. The layers of all our daily responsibilities began to peel away, getting used to being a couple again without the usual distractions of the girls. In bed we laughed so hard and loud I was worried we would disturb the people next door. We talked and laughed long in to the night. It was ok as I knew it would be, we just needed the time to reconnect as a couple.

A bit of a lie in, hubby cooked a full English and off we went to explore. Every turn and bend presenting majestic breathtaking views, I love it here in the Lakes, it makes you feel so insignificant yet so glad to be on this planet all at the same time, in complete wonderment that somewhere could be so breathtakingly beautiful. It is good for the heart and the soul to be surrounded by it all, it soothes you.

Time to relax, breathe and reconnect on all levels.

Sha X


Lesley Beeton said...

You are an amazing couple x.

Sha Egan said...

What a lovely thing to say Lesley xx

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