Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Flirtations

By nature I am quite a flirty kind of person, that is not to be mistaken for flighty. I am after all a Capricorn and we on the whole don't "do" flighty, we are kind of solid folk. Flirting in a good way makes everyone happy, it oils wheels.

Over the last few years I have had a few dalliances, no not what you are thinking. My dalliances are with social networking. Facebook I joined eons ago or as I now call it Facheache. It is a bit like an old boyfriend that you were quite in to at one point but grew bored with. Your conversations became about what you are having for your tea, how you were feeling, sharing music, pouty posey pictures, snapshots of your life together, the occasional inspirational bit of input that eventually even that became tedious. We have never really fallen out, I just dip in now and again see what's going on, check all is ok in their world more as a voyeur, no longer much of a participator.

My next dalliance I fell for, hard. It started with me being aware of it. I skirted around it, sussing it out, weighing it up, not too sure at first, then bam it had me at "followers". Twitter became my all consuming passion. It was fresh and new, to me anyway. It excited, made me laugh, opened up new horizons, took me across continents, was attentive and listened. It fed me on many levels. A good fit for me. We are quite a few years down the line and like all relationships it isn't as all consuming as in the heady early days but we still rub along well and I think we will for many a year to come.

Another dalliance is still ongoing, again I think this one is a keeper, it is just a very selfish affair. It's all about me. One of those relationships that allow you to navel gaze to your hearts content. It is very undemanding. You give to it as and when you can, equally you are grateful for what it gives you in return, as and when it does. At times I think the rewards I get far outweigh the amount of time I spend on it. The one thing it does get that few others ever do is my heart and soul and I think that is was most appreciated by those who read my blog.

Someone new pops up and being aware of it and being curious a nosy bastard I check it out. This one is not for me I have no connection at all, so Pinterest quickly goes by the wayside. My new, again it takes me a while, I have to weigh it up for some time first and secondly get my son or future daughter in law to show me how to go about it. My latest flirtation is with Instagram, it is very early days yet. Having recently got very much in to taking photo's I feel we will be quite a good match, we shall see.

So there you have it, my flirtations.

I blame my son.

Sha X

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