Monday, 16 September 2013

Three More Sleeps

I know, I know, it has been a while since I last posted. Life has been a bit busy which doesn't usually stop me writing but stuff has been in my head to write and somehow I got distracted from getting it down, so a little bit of a round robin.

Three more sleeps until our holiday to Portugal, I can't wait, this bloody weather has turned very autumnal, it seems no Indian summer for us this year. We lucked out with our summer I guess so the transition seems to be felt more sharply. I am missing my plum tree which at this time of year is abundant with fruit, it got way too big and had to be lobbed about a month ago.

Since we went to Forbidden Corner we had a trip to the seaside, this six week holiday has seemed to fly by so quickly and before I knew it we were doing the uniform shop, last minute as usual for me. My friend and I went on an impromtu trip to Liverpool to see John Edward, he is a medium from New York and I used to watch a programme he did called Crossing Over, it was so comical him trying to decipher the Scouse accent. My lad came up for his dad's birthday and took us to Jamie's Italian, we all really enjoyed it and the toilets were amusing as the manufacturer's name was Crapper!

At time's you get invited to things and my immediate reaction is of course I will come, then the nights start to draw in, X Factor is back on the telly and my pjs seem so much more appealing. Invited to a cousins 50th birthday/25th wedding anniversary I didn't want to go come the day but I have decided to put myself out more, hell life's too short and my job brings that home to me, which was also a great source of amusement with family I haven't seen for about ten years, they thought I had come to measure them up. Ditto a friends hen do, I decided to get the train and meet everyone in Doncaster, her daughter texted me to say ohhh noo you have to come with us we have organised a hummer to take us, well I needed to instagram the shit out of that so agreed to the original plan. See the thing is when you put yourself out on occasions you get to experience things you never thought you would. I for one never thought I would be dancing to Blurred Lines outside a hummer on a dual carriage way while we stopped for a cig break.

Back to school and we quickly fall back in to the routine, the paper darts start coming and first week in we are informed of a WOW day, they have to dress up as a Jesuit nun or some other obscure shit that they don't sell in Asda, actually it was Super Hero's, do you know how little is out there in the super hero department for girls, more or less jack. I cobbled together an outfit from visiting Argos, Aldi, B&M with a bit of sewing thrown in at 8.00pm the night before.

Anyway three more sleeps until our holiday, I have stuff to do, last minute of course, and new things to experience.

Sha X


Lesley Beeton said...

You should get a Super Woman outfit for yourself :-)
Have a super holiday x.

Sha Egan said...

Bless you x

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