Saturday, 5 July 2014

Holding Out

For some reason my gut told me to hold out. Very last minute my sis in law wanted a weekend away in a caravan on the coast. She constantly texted me with ideas but as payday was a week away it needed to be very reasonable to justify this last minute break. And mid week my niece came up trumps, my other sis in law had stayed at a caravan last year in Hornsea. I phoned the lady the next morning and it was available, cue wondering at the price of it whether it would resemble the caravans we stayed in as kids, gas lamps and a pot under the bed to pee in.

Mad rush on Friday after work to throw bits and bobs together for myself and the kids. The thing is with the Yorkshire coast you have to cover every weather condition. Car loaded and arrival of my sis in law and nephew we were on our way. It was raining and I had arranged to meet the lady who owned the caravan on site at 7 pm. I really needn't of worried it was a nice caravan the lady had put the fire on and electric blankets apologising for the weather. It was all very cosy and perfect for us for the next few days. The kids were so excited. Fish and chip supper and we all snuggled up planning what we would do the next day weather permitting.

A brighter day greeted us and as I've always wanted to go to Spurn Point we headed off with buckets and spades. My hubby always says when we go away that I just HAVE to find a landmark to go explore, unfortunately they always look nearer than they actually are. I spotted the light house at the end of Spurn Point and that's where I was heading. Seeing signs on the way warning to check tide times was a little disconcerting but as this would be at six we had plenty of time. Spurn Point is the little bit on the English map where the North Sea is on one side and the Humber Estuary on the other, at high tide they meet. A's health and safety head was on high alert. What a schlep!! It was bloody miles away and the kids did so well to walk so far.

We were planning on going out that evening but after the unplanned expedition we were all knackered. Dinner on the front and back to the caravan for showers and pjs was all we were fit for. Sunday was bright and we headed off to Hornsea Mere. It's funny that you have some wonderful places to visit on your doorstep that you never knew existed and it takes someone who comes form another part of the world with an insatiable appetite for all things to discover them. The Mere is well worth a visit it's lovely. We took a boat ride over the lake and I got one of my favourite nature shots of a swan taking off. The kids fed ducks, geese and swans who were very brazen they followed you to your car for bread. A couple of hours on the beach after lunch kept the kids happy. I then morphed into my dad whilst packing up the car and making sure the caravan was all spic and span. A couple of quid in two pences for the amusement arcade and we were done, ready to head home.

Holding out payed off on all levels. It ticked all the boxes, we may do it all again in October half term.

Sha X

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