Saturday, 5 July 2014

Proud To Be A Yorkshire Lass

Now I can't profess to be much into cycling but over the past few weeks seeing yellow bikes pop up all over our county, jersey bunting adorned and floral displays of red, white and blue, villages and towns really celebrating such an historical event,  you can't help but get caught up with all things Le Grand de Part. Tour de France in bloody Yorkshire who would have thought.

Last night was a colleagues leaving do, she's off to pastures new, literally, off to do her dream job in the Yorkshire Dales, a stunning part of the world. We had arranged to meet for a meal and a drink in Wetherspoons our usual after work meeting place for whatever occasion. Our group gathered on a table and ordered our food. You know the drill, table number then go to the bar and order. I turned to my left to ask my colleague what he wanted to drink but it was a stranger and jokingly said with a soft Scottish burr he would have a speciality scotch with ice, we laughed at my mistake and went to our tables. After we had eaten a couple of pensionable age with waterproof jackets plonked themselves at our table, taking off their jackets and settling themselves in. I thought they were the parents of one our group that I hadn't met. We established that they were complete strangers, and that they were completely hammered.

As the lady had sat next to me she proceeded to have a conversation that I understood about two words out of ten. Her husband went off to the bar and a couple behind me pointed out that he was wandering around the pub looking for where his wife was. I went to get him taking the two pints of bitter from him as he was spilling them. Back at the table his wife was not best pleased, she didn't drink bitter and flounced off to get a lager. He told me she usually drank orange, well she hadn't been on the orange today. They have been married fifty years, are from Leicester and were staying in the TravelLodge next door, and from what I could gather wife wasn't happy and was going to complain first thing in the morning.

Nipping out for a ciggie the couple behind us were looking on bemused, we got talking, they were from Birmingham and were having a weekend away and we were laughing about our aquired companions, they were a little shocked as they said they expected it to be the young ones who would be ever so slightly inebriated. As I was leaving the guy from the bar came over to me to go meet his wife. Again another couple in their late sixties, they were from Aberdeen and I told her how I had inadvertently pulled him at the bar with the offer of a drink.

Today watching the Tour de France the sun shone showing off our county at its glorious best. Seeing the route lined with so many people and how everyone turned out for the start in Leeds and end of stage 1 in Harrogate. Our Royals being part of it was great to see. The weird thing was not one of the couples in the pub visiting our county over the weekend knew that this was going on. I do hope that they along with the whole of the people attending the event felt our warm Yorkshire hospitality.

I think we brushed up well, roll on tomorrow.


Sha x


Mark Lewis said...

I too have never been much of a cyclist. My bike went when i left school. So i surprised myself when i was drawn to watching the initial Yorkshire stages. To be honest, i think it was to admire the beautiful villages, towns and countryside having visited much of the area with my OH, an ex Leeds Yorkshire lass and proud to show me all the wonderful places. I recognised quite a few, but was gutted when the camera cut away just before passing my favourite Pie Shop in Skipton.....Another trip "up North" beckons me-thinks!
Yum yum

Sha Egan said...

Mark thank you for your comment. I'm a Leeds lass too! Your like my OH a pie man. I hope you get up North soon xx

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