Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Holidays Have Begun

The weekend has been a busy one. I decided to hold an impromtu family get together on Saturday for about 15 of us, I have said before I love my sister and my brothers getting together, we ate good food, drank Pimms and reminisced, with lots of laughter. The thing that struck me was how although we remembered certain past events that we were all in unison about, how some events we all had our own take on which were very differing memories, as they say ask different people about certain things and the whole story can be very different. The thing that amused me apart from singing "The Things We Do For Love" a favourite of our sister, who in the days of leave the arm off the record player it would play on a loop, was how my brothers never knew we played down the beck, they thought this was their domain.

A had been at a party at Xscape luckily one of the other mums agreed to drop her home which meant I could prepare the food for the family. Sunday I took the kids to York Cemetery who were having an open day with a treasure hunt and a cream tea afterwards. T as we pulled up groaned " This is well weird" but after being given the clipboard with questions and puzzles to solve got in to it. The cream tea afterward was very nice and for me it was good to see the beautiful chapel which was so lovely I would have no hesitation in recommending to families for a service.

Monday T was off to Alton Towers, and Tuesday mass at school for A for the last day. The holidays are here and with my diary in hand it is looking like with careful planning there are only nine days of child care to cover. I really have a bit of a problem as in the problem is me, as to who I will let the girls be with. Lots of offers but I am really selective, the only people I have ever let look after them is family. As it is my sister big birthday party on Saturday hubby will stay at home with girls.

Sunday I am really looking forward to as I have booked a few days away with my hubby, just us two. The last time we did this was three years ago. He keeps asking me where are we going. I'm sure he will be pleased with where I have chosen and I think on the quiet he has pretty much guessed although I am hoping the venue will be more than a surprise and exceed expectations.

My lad is coming home for a couple of weeks as they have a shutdown over summer, which I am looking forward to, The plan is to do something at least once a week with girls. So I will don my entertainment officers cap and see where that takes us.

Work today was an odd day, we had a meeting and towards the end of it, well it didn't feel right for me, however I had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered as a thank you from a client, how many can say that in their job.

There are other underlying bits and bobs going on, but I need to process them in my head before writing about them.

The holidays have begun.

Sha X

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