Friday, 15 August 2014


We have just got back from Thailand and I have lots of stories to tell. Instead of doing them in order of happening I thought I would tell them as they come in to my head.

We inadvertently ended up in the place we stayed twelve years ago, more of which later. Not too much had changed except for the place seemed much more family orientated which suited us perfectly, the menus had European food and there was a new hotel next door.

The hotel we were in had our sun beds on the beach and next door had theirs. About a week in I noticed these lovely rattan bags everyone next door seemed to have on the beach and took a liking to them, they looked very stylish and roomy, holding all the paraphernalia you need on the beach.

I sent hubby off to ask one of the guests where they had got them from. The lady he spoke to said you could buy them from the hotel. I went into the back of the hotel to purchase one and when they realised I wasn't a guest apparently they had non in stock and wouldn't have any for
 a month. I was on a mission, hubby was sent to the foyer only to be fobbed off, they were on to him too.

Now this made me more determined to bag me one of these bags! In our hotel we were given complimentary dressing gowns and slippers, which you could buy, next door were given complimentary bags. Everyone in the next door hotel seemed to be non English speaking but I approached a couple and asked if they spoke English, sure they did they responded, but struggled to understand my broad Yorkshire accent. I eventually managed to make myself understood that because I wasn't a resident at their hotel they wouldn't sell me a bag but wondered if they would get one for me.

Over dinner that evening I was telling hubby and the couple we had met in our hotel of my encounter and to be honest I didn't have a lot of confidence in that they understood me and they were leaving the next morning.

Never judge, at 8.00 am the next morning I had a call to my room, it was the guy from the next door hotel, he had got me a bag it was 500 baht, a bargain, and would meet me on the beach in the next 10 minutes. He asked if I was Scottish as had found my accent difficult to understand, they were going to Bangkok to shop and were from Abu Dhabi. I wished them a good trip and told them how much I appreciated that they had gone out of there way to do that for me.

Shit goes on all over the world, wars, conflicts but simple acts mean a lot they unite, we may not completely understand one another, it was only a bag, nothing big in the grand scheme of things, however those small things are about human beings connecting.

As far as I am concerned there is nothing more complimentary from one person to
to another than acknowledgment, acceptance and maybe some assistance.

Sha X

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