Saturday, 25 October 2014


We all have them, those snapshot images in our mind. The images that at times we would like to erase and images we really hold on to forever, they are like templated in to our brain.
They are photographic in our heads.

 Jeez everything is photographed now, we instagram, we post on twitter and Facebook whole parts of our lives are now documented on social media. I was thinking of the snapshots in my life and how obviously they must be of importance as why would they be in my head.

Here goes in no chronological order.

Seeing my son laid in the road after being knocked down, he didnt see me
My mam getting her first car, a mini, she was overwhelmed
Being there at the births of T L A & G 
Being at weddings that you know are just right 
The  Rose of Sharon going in to the hospital when my dad had died
The day of going to rehab with my daughter
New York it was amazing
Thailand always somewhere I wanted to go 

I could go on 

Sha x

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