Wednesday, 29 July 2015

It's All Greek To Me

We were all packed and ready to set off to the airport. Actually I've had mine and the girls stuff ready for over two weeks and much to my annoyance A would sneak things from the "holiday pile" to wear to play out. Packing now is quite minimilistic I pack for one week, we are staying in a villa, I can wash stuff and you really only need a few pair of shoes, comfort over style.

The dog had been taken to her holiday break the day before, she loves going which is reassuring. OH see's it as a personal challenge to only take two suitcases for the four of us, we compromised on two and a flight bag, it's the bloody toiletries that take up the room. I asked to do the checklist with OH, passports, insurance documents, tickets and received a withering "I'm not bloody stupid" look.

There usually is some drama in us getting to the airport but all went swimmingly. The guy collected the car and we joined the snaking queue for check in. I love catching snapshots of conversation  the "have you packed my favourite headband" from a young girl to her mum, and the fact that mum is so useless as she would have nothing else to think about, and this would quite clearly ruin the young girls whole holiday. A wife says to her husband "have you got the keys to the house" cue the pat down. Another family discussing the flat tyre they had on the way to the airport.

We did the usual, food eaten, run around duty free, W H Smiths for reading material and were ready to board . What a result when I discovered that it was only a two and half hour flight for some reason I thought it was over four hours. Landing on mainland Greece you know that feeling when the heat hits you like nothing else. Whilst we were waiting for our luggage OH tells me he has left his drivers license on the cupboard in the kitchen, the license crucial as we were hiring a car from the airport. I rose above reciprocating the withering look. From some strange reason I had brought mine, and hoped we could work from that, the thought of me actually having to drive filling me with dread. The Greeks are fairly laid back and we got the car, the hire guy advising us if we got an email copy of OH licence to him as soon as we could, if we got stopped with me not driving, we were in big trouble.

It was early evening and still very hot. Now to find the villa following the detailed directions. OH gets a little stressy, he doesn't trust me giving directions and until he has got used to the car,  driving on the opposite side of the road not knowing the lay of the land, let's just say things get a little "tense". We found the village we were to stay in, stopped off at the mini-market for a few provisions, up and down the mountains like a tarts drawers. We were looking for a left turn at the Rose Tavern. OH thought he knew best, things were getting a little more "tense", the kids hot and bothered. OH asked me to get out of the car to ask a white haired Greek man where is the Rose Tavern? It was like speaking to the Teen, not one iota of understanding on either part, the only difference being is we had eye contact.

 It turned out we were actually having this non conversation outside a tavern that the writing was in Greek but guess what had a big bleeding rose on the picture board!

Sha x

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