Friday, 12 August 2011

Extra-Curricular Activities

I don't have many hobbies, and one of my main passion's reading, I just don't get the time to do as much as I used to. Pre the girls, a 7 day holiday meant taking 7 books.

However at the end of January this year I committed to doing something for me, 45 minute sessions, three times a week it was called "Boot-Camp" lured by the drop a dress size in a month, I was having some of that! I'd had a dabble at Zumba, but my co-ordination isn't that great and my technique bore no resemblance to lady up on stage teaching. It didn't make me feel good.

So feeling like the new girl at school, I arrived a little nervous at bootcamp, first shock, we were outside, I don't do cold, and then we started, things called burpee's, squats, lunge's, press up's, planking.....this guy was speaking a language of which I knew nothing, I wanted to throw up! The PTs parting words were, see you Wednesday, you will have "Bungalow Legs" but it will pass.

Bungalow legs???? wtf does that mean? I soon became acquainted with the meaning, the next day I wished I lived in one, I couldn't walk, get up the stairs and the loo was tricky, a plastic toy left on a laminate floor causing me to do involuntary splits didn't help.

Being stubborn I returned on the Wednesday and apart from a months break have continued to do so. People come and go it's been amazing to see the the awkward overweight teenage boy become not just slimmer but actually laughing, smiling and gain in confidence.

I have lost weight although I don't do the nutrition plan as advised, the PT doesn''t shout at you sergeant major style, but he does instill a sense of accountability. Who cares in the gym if you do all your given programme or the amount of reps that you do.

I love it and hate it in equal measures.

 I love how I have improved my technique, my strength and well being, toned up and it makes me feel mentally strong.

I hate it because it is tough and always challenging and unlike the other campers, at the end of it I look like I have been on a spin cycle of the washer.

Sha x

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