Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kissing Cousins

When I was young my cousins and I were very close, we went to Butlin's together with our mums, we had sleep overs, had tea at one another's house's and it always fascinated me what  the different rule's and regulations in each household were. In one of my uncle's you had to eat everything on your plate and if you didn't it got saved for the next meal "Waste not, want not" being the motto. Meanwhile me and my cousin Lainey would practice dance routines in the bedroom and sing songs from musicals long into the night, laughing and giggling much to the disapproval of Uncle Jack. And I would dread being presented with the egg yolk from a previous meal.

Another cousin's brother would do a fantastic rendition of Gary Glitter's "Do you want to be in my Gang" with all the moves, his mum tutting at our childish behaviour, while we were egging him on and singing along.

We had very close bonds which I am glad to say have carried on into adulthood, and after realising that the only time we actually got to see one another any more was at funerals made a pact to have a night out together a couple of times a year.

Our first one was in Wakefield on a November night, managing to schedule 8 of us was no mean feat but we did and everyone turned up. We ended up in an Irish bar which we took over, the drinks were cheap and we reminisced,  laughed, danced and generally went back to our childhood.

Another night was arranged but I ended up going into hospital for an operation that weekend and someone else couldn't make it either so it was shelved. We did however sort out a night out in Leeds for this weekend. The dynamic a little different because daughters of the cousins wanted to come.

We ended up in a gay bar with transvestites and all manner of things going on, the younger generation were transfixed by all going on around them and I was transported back to our Butlin days, of laughing and loving being with people I have history and a connection with.

Our roots, family connections and memories are important they make up where we came from and who we are and I for one cherish them and love the fact that we pass these on to our children. So was glad to introduce the next generation in to our night out.

We may not see one another on a regular basis but those bonds which tie us are strong because if they weren't we wouldn't feel the need to arrange these get together's and commit to them.

My immediate family and extended family are very important to me, they are where I came from, who I am, my memories and the future.

It was lovely to spend time with my sister, my niece, my cousins and my cousins daughters and we reminisced, laughed, hugged and kissed.

Sha X

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Anonymous said...

aww sounds amazing, I would so love that. what an awesome arrangement to have. So many peeps take their families for granted, I am glad to see you don't. Keep up these nights and amazing memories.

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