Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

There has been a so much going on in the news and social networking sites about the riots and looting over the last few days and it is appalling to see. Sometimes the social networking sites have been used to enable and orchestrate these crimes, however I have been pre-occupied with other things on twitter, things that are happening or have happened to people of which I can relate to.

This posed a bit of a discussion between my husband and I (he really does not GET twitter) when he asked me what I was doing the other night as I was constantly on twitter and I said I am talking to a guy who's wife has just been involved in a car accident and he's alone at the hospital with her, and I need to see the that the young boy who is about to have a serious operation is doing ok, his response was you don't even know these people!

My response to that was........and I went back to late last year when my daughter was in ICU with a life threatening illness, the feelings of despair, helplessness and a total suspension of control, having complete hope and faith in the medical team, and your loved one's sheer strength of character, that everything will be ok. It just has to be!

Having being told she was stable, and half breathing a sigh of relief, I went home to see to the kids and get some rest, I then got THE call, I had better get back to the hospital. I had to put petrol in the car and in my rush it blew back all over my clothes, arriving at the hospital car park at 8ish on a Saturday morning realised I also had no change for the car park.

Rushing over to the car park attendant stinking of petrol, I jibbered my daughter, not making a great deal of sense. His words to me were "Just go" gently pushing me in the direction of the hospital. My gratitude to this random act of kindness was immense and I burst into tears.

My point is I didn't know him from Adam, he didn't know me, you can show kindness in many ways and the most memorable cost nothing and really have much more impact when its from a complete stranger, as you know there is no gain to be had.

I have seen much of this on twitter in the last few day's and it gladdens my heart. Reaching out to another human in a time of need. I believe there are more of us than there are the people who loot and riot.

Sha x

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