Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hello-This is me

Hello, this is my very first blog.

 So I thought I would give a little bit of an overview on my life as an introduction.
Our house comprises of me a mum of 2, a Nana of  the girls, hubby of mmmm a very longtime and Jasmine a 10 month old black lab.
I have a daughter who is 31, who is an addict, the consequence of this is that I have guardianship of my 2 grand-daughters T who is 10, she came to me aged 3  and A who is 4 (think of the Haribo advert) who I got when she was 3 months. As I have complete care of the girls, they will feature frequently in my blogs.
I also have a son who is 26 of who I am immensely proud of, he has just graduated from Oxford Brookes with a Masters with Distinction, he is also dyslexic so he has had to work extremely hard to achieve what he has.
Graduation was a major sense of pride (didn't bother with the mascara that day), we have some quite comical pictures from that day as he is 6ft plus and I am a borrower, he got his height from his dad and obviously his brains from me!

Our house is a bit mad, chaotic, but we try hard to make it all work and love each other deeply.

Other family comprises of my mum, who had a stroke a few years ago, and it is sad to see this glam lady in her clippy cloppy heels as she was to someone who relies on her family and carers to get around day to day.
I am the eldest of 4 (being bossy is ingrained) I have a sister who I value our relationship very much, flip back 30 yrs and we would have thought that would not be possible! And 2 younger brothers.
Since my dad died 20 years ago, and my mums disabilities, it has evolved that I am now the matriarch of the family. So have to do a bit of a Kofi Anan at times, which I am more than happy to do.

A little bit of how my family is made up so in future blogs, it may make sense, but then again, it may possibly make no sense at all.

Sha x


Sarah said...

Lovely blog, and nice to get the background on you all. It will be nice to read your tweets and know who everyone is now :)

Sha said...

Thank you for that Sarah, was a little nervous, as I want it to be as open and honest as possible, so great to get feedback x

Tarin_t said...

Can i just say what wonderful blogs they are all fantastic. keep up the good worl and look forward to reading more.

Sha said...

Thank you Tarin, that means a lot to me coming from you *hugs* x

Suelipstick said...

Loved it Sharon "you say it how it is" true and honest... Look forward to the next instalment love Sue x mwah !

Sha said...

Thank yo for that Sue, thats me, but so glad thats what is liked xx Mwah x

Jaz said...

Just read through most of em and are already hooked, what a beautiful style you have....captivating while taking on an emotional journey. You've found your calling my to you, Di xxxxxx

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