Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Imaginary Friends

In the friends department I am very blessed.

My friends are very diverse and on rare occasions when some of them are in the same room, some gel with others and some take an instant dislike to one another. There can also be an element of I have known Sharon longer or I know her better, childish I know but then we all can be at times.

Over the years I have come to realise that you embark on a relationship with your partner and expect that person to be everything to you, this all encompassing person who will full fill all your needs on all levels. How unfair to put all that pressure on to one person. No-one can be "all that" to another and it's setting the bar a little high and setting the other person up to fail. This reality came to me sharply on two occasions with my husband. I consider myself a strong person but at times things have happened that have floored me, any strength depleted, so you reach out to your partner to bolster you, to support you and I realised he wasn't able to, it was like a slap in the face, a complete shock. My husband is a good, kind, loving man, he's a great husband, a good dad and grand-dad, we bicker and we laugh, he loves me unconditionally, but I am his strength, and at the times I haven't been he finds that hard to cope with. Does this make him a bad person, not at all. We are human we aren't perfect and we have to forgive and look beyond peoples shortcomings.

In our friends there are parts of there character we prefer to others, we overlook those to maintain our friendships. And there support in times of need can vary, it maybe listening to you weeping and wailing for hours, a card, flowers, a meal, coffee all gestures that acknowledge you need support and they are my strength. My oldest friendship began when I was 10, we don't live close and we don't see one another all that often, when we do catch up it is like I saw her yesterday and she is there like a shot in times of need and I reciprocate. I value my friendships immensely, they full fill my needs on many levels and my husband embraces there importance in my life. If I'm happy he is happy.

He is however not so embracing of my "Imaginary Friends" the people I laugh with, cry with, glean knowledge from and introduce me to new things. I guess you realise I mean twitter people, and I questioned and discussed this with my future daughter in law. Can you call these people "friends"? The conclusion we came to was are these people any less valid because you have never met them or don't really know them. I have been fortunate to meet some of my twitter people in real life and they have been just as kind, supporting and lovely as they are on twitter.

Friendship is friendship in whatever form it comes, however old or new, embrace it. It full fills.

Sha X


Anonymous said...

Great blog Sharon. I hope you consider me to be one of your 'imaginary' friends. :) Casey xxx

Sha said...

Thank you Casey, high praise indeed coming from you and I do :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic blog from you. so Impressed but I gotta tell you a lot of internet friendships aren't all they are cracked up to be sweetie, mostly they turn off the puter and forget about you until they need ya again. But you are right there are still some amazing friends to be had even on the net few but some.

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