Monday, 15 August 2011

Magical Moments & Fairy Dust

Suspend logic with me for a little while, regress back to being a child. Do you believe?

I actually have hard evidence that Fairy Dust does exist. Whenever T has lost a tooth, as all children do, she puts it at the side of the bed for the tooth fairy to come. When she is asleep my husband sprinkles glitter, icing sugar and puts tiny footprints in the icing sugar in place of the tooth, along with obligatory coin. He has done this with every tooth she has lost. T is excited about the coin but the magical bit is that she has seen that the tooth fairy has been.

I have owned two dogs in my adult life, here is someone that is not a huge dog lover, to me they are like our children, you love your own but I'm not that interested in any one else's. I firmly believe I was sprinkled with some sort of fairy dust when I went to see both the puppy's I ended up owning, how else could I have such an about face. Both were runts and both picked me and I just fell in love.

In the car park at the supermarket I always ask the car park fairy to find me a space, it's a bit of a joke in my family, but out of nowhere a space presents itself.

A few years ago I was going to the airport with my brother to collect his Peruvian wife, I was a little apprehensive, I'd never met her and she spoke very little English. I was greeted by a smile I would learn was as big as her heart. Driving back home Jenny was sat in the back seat and I kept watching her through the rear view mirror. I stopped the car, she was a little disconcerted, and I asked her to swap seats with my brother so she could sit in the front. I wanted her to be able see everything.

Over the next month, it was December, we had very heavy snow, Santa's sledge came down the street and we had a huge family Christmas dinner, with everyone there, we hadn't done that since Dad had died. And I saw everything anew through her eye's.

It was magical and there were lots of Fairy dust moments.

 They are there if your eyes and heart are open.

Sha X


Nathalie Brown said...

What a beautiful Tooth fairy you have, I may need to borrow that idea xx

Sha said...

Thank you Nathalie, my hubby is a softy. Please borrow away xx

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