Thursday, 25 August 2011

Loves Young Dream

 Never think you are too old for love to come your way.

When my son was younger after mass on Sunday morning we would go to my friends for a cup of tea and a natter. I always enjoyed these Sunday mornings and was delighted when my friends older brother started to join us. His wife of 40 years had died recently and he would sit there quietly with a cup of tea listening to us blabbering on. He was a very dignified man who didn't say too much and had a shock of thick dark hair peppered with grey. I guessed he just came for the company not to contribute.

Overtime I discovered a sharp dry wit and great banter he was warm funny and eventually a twinkle in his eye. They are an Irish family and we would rib one another about the nuances of the way Irish people would say things compared to English. The bring and take issue we would argue about, oh and his idea that he had met me when I clearly had passed him in the car argument was never resolved, he was right as far as he was concerned and I was adamant that I was.

His sister and I started to encourage him to get out more, his children were grown and there was so much life in this man it was sad to see him being lonely. We arranged to go one Sunday evening to the Irish Centre in Leeds, James protested but eventually gave in and we had a great night, dancing and singing the old Irish songs.

He continued to go to out on a Sunday with his sisters and clearly enjoyed these nights out. No one was more pleased than I when he met Celine a beautiful diminutive lady, and she was a real lady. She came from very near to where James grew up in Donegal and was a widow. There relationship blossomed and grew.

It was time to get a hat, my husband and I were invited to James and Celine's wedding in Donegal. The hospitality was fantastic, a friend of theirs let us stay in a cottage in Meenagran. we were welcomed like family and boy were we fed, a cup of tea always came with a table groaning with food. They had decided to retire back to there homeland and the wedding was a joyous affair going on into the wee small hours.

James told me it was important to him that I attend his wedding, he said I had opened his eyes to having a life  again and having fun or the craic. A lovely accolade indeed but I can honestly say it gave me so much pleasure in seeing this couple in their 60s began a new chapter in life, he was the one who opened my eyes that you are never too old to find new love.

In Loving Memory of James.

Sha X

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True love knows no bounds another beautiful story. you should really turn these blogs into a book. all of them.

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