Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Moving in Mysterious Ways

As a follow on to the Top of the Tree Post.

I left my brother in tears, I was in tears too, in a rush to collect T from last day of school I was running a little late and parking up was met by a mother who said they needed to see me in the office at school. Oh shit what had T done now. I was also getting very strange looks in the playground.

Rushing in to the school office I was told I had won 1st prize in the Christmas raffle and the first prize was £200. My relief that T wasn't in trouble then turned in to more tears I had never won anything before, ever.

My other brother who's Peruvian wife had recently arrived in this country had been dealt a blow trying to rent a house, as he'd been living abroad he had been knocked back from a rental property he had set his heart on, he didn't have the references they required.

Early in the day I'd had a light bulb moment, a Polish friend of mine rented her house and I asked for her landlords name and number. I called her and as a private landlord had a few properties and she had one that had become available a few days ago, we could view it that evening.

I called my brother and we went to see it that night, it was a lovely 2 bed terraced and just perfect.

The date of these events was the 18th December.

My Dad's birthday.

Sha X

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